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Tranter heat exchanger product range for petrochemicals applications
Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger and Spiral Heat Exchangers used in downstream processing.

Tranter oil & gas applications brochure
Oil & Gas Applications Brochure. Download the brochure .pdf

Tranter Welded Heat Exchanger brochure
The Tranter Welded Heat Exchanger Brochure. Download the brochure .pdf

Maintenance And Capacity Improvements In Vis-Breaking (Thermal Cracking)

Cracked residue contains considerable heat energy that can be recovered for preheating by

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers

can undertake preheating duties using the gas oil fraction, and are also effective as coolers of the light distillate vapor, particularly where column capacity increases have resulted in incomplete condensation.

Efficient Control Of Waste Liquids Heating And Separation

Liquid waste treatment requires heated tanks. Tranter Prime Surface Heat Exchangers are versatile products for heating mixed waste, reducing viscosity to facilitate the settling out of solids. Large surface areas, as required, can be provided by a combination of internal banks and external prime surface panels. This also permits easy zoning of the heating surface.

Efficient Storage Tank Heating Saves Energy And Speeds Unloading

Tranter Prime Surface panels configured as suction heaters warm viscous products prior to pumping to speed unloading and save energy. Prime surface panels can also be clamped on externally, allowing total accessibility. When heating sensitive lube oil, an air gap is provided to prevent overheating.

Improved Condensibles Oxidation In Sulfur Emissions Control

A Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger cools the sulfur dioxide/vapor, removing heat that can be used to preheat other streams in the plant.

Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers as vapor condensers
Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers gas oil fraction and light distillate vapor coolers or sulfur dioxide coolers/preheaters.

Tranter Prime Surface Heat Exchanger banks in mixed waste separator tanks
Tranter Prime Surface Heat Exchangers have found success as heaters in mixed waste separator tanks.