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Tranter plate heat exchangers product line brochure
Tranter Heat Exchangers product line brochure. Download the brochure .pdf



Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger water disinfector skid case history
Greenhouse water disinfector skid case history. Download the .pdf

Wherever Heat Energy Transfer Is The Need, Tranter Has An Answer

In process and discrete manufacturing, HVAC operations, energy, transportation…wherever heat is applied or removed, Tranter’s products are hard at work:

Their solutions are saving space, improving thermal efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. Here are just a few of the diverse examples of how these exchangers are solving problems worldwide.

Plate Exchangers Excel As Compact Locomotive Diesel Oil Coolers

One of the world’s major passenger and freight railways was looking for a lower-maintenance alternative to OEM shell & tube diesel engine oil coolers. Tranter has now supplied more than 1200 compact gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers for the locomotive fleet, the first of which has been running for 10 years without any unscheduled maintenance.

Download the complete case history

High-Efficiency Heat Recycling For A Greenhouse Drainage Water Disinfector Skid

A commercial greenhouse drainage water disinfector skid removes fungi, bacteria and viruses prior to water and fertilizer recovery. A Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger is used to cool the disinfected water for reuse, while recycling heat to the drainage water inlet prior to disinfection, raising the inlet water temperature from 20°C to 90°C (68°F to 194°F). Because of the exchanger’s outstanding heat transfer efficiency, the skid’s heating section has to add only an additional 5°C (9°F) to the water to attain the disinfection process temperature. This provides impressive energy efficiency to greenhouse operators worldwide.

Download the complete case history

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers as locomotive diesel engine oil coolers
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers improve uptime over shell & tube units as diesel engine oil coolers and also provide superior engine lubrication protection.



Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger locomotive compact diesel engine oil cooler case history
Locomotive compact diesel engine oil cooler case history. Download the .pdf


Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger in greenhouse drain water disinfection skids
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers provide outstanding cooling/preheating loop efficiency for greenhouse drain water disinfection skids.