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Tranter heat exchangers for food and beverage brochure
Tranter food and beverage brochure. Download the .pdf



Tranter plate heat exchangers brewery CIP heating case history
Plate Heat Exchangers CIP heating case history. Download the .pdf

Outstanding Opportunities For Heat Recovery, Even Cooling And Reduced Maintenance

Our Prime Surface Heat Exchangers and Plate Heat Exchangers have established long-standing reputations for energy-saving heat recovery, attractive frozen food display and low-maintenance CIP solution heating across the food & beverage segment.

Benefits are many:

  • Outstanding heat recovery efficiency from moist exhaust gases
  • Effective exhaust plume knock-out
  • Good frying oil condensation and recovery
  • Even refrigerating performance
  • Excellent scaling resistance

Read more about these opportunities here.

Heat Recovery From Frying Vats

The efficiency of stainless steel Tranter Prime Surface Heat Recovery Banks is responsible for recovering maximum exhaust heat from potato and corn chip frying vats, for use in heating incoming process water. The bank also condenses the entrained oil, which is recycled back to the frying vats.

Recovering Generated Heat And Knocking Out Plumes From Beer Brew Kettles

Thermally efficient Tranter Prime Surface Heat Recovery Banks recover most of the heat energy generated and vented from brew kettles during the brewing cycle. This recovered heat raises incoming plant water from 18°C to 68°C (65°F to 155°F), while eliminating the exhaust vapor plume from the kettles.

Cooling Panels Keep Frost Even And Appealing In Frozen Food Displays

Recess-mounted SNOPAN Prime Surface Heat Exchanger Panels are fabricated into frozen product display cases. They produce appetizing and appealing snow-white frost versus undesirable flake ice on items. Balanced-flow channels conduct the refrigerant for even frosting and maximum efficiency.

Compact Exchangers Heat CIP Solutions For Brewery

Eight stainless steel Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers are heating a caustic solution for cleaning in place (CIP) of process equipment at a Midlands UK brewery. They have been credited with occupying only a third of the space and improving uptime and maintenance efficiency over the units they replaced.

Download the complete case history

Prime Surface Banks Control Coffee Bean Dehydration

In the first stage of a two-step, 12-hr process, a large cylindrical vessel with Tranter Prime Surface Heat Exchanger surfaces heats trays of coffee beans using high temperature glycol. In the second stage, vacuum extracts water vapor to a condensation vessel employing banked Tranter Prime Surface Plates using liquid ammonia. After the bank becomes filled with ice, hot ammonia gas is injected into the plates and the ice melts.

Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Heat Recovery Banks for food and beverage plants
Tranter Prime Surface Heat Recovery Banks are the solution to vapor thermal losses, recycling valuable energy for preheating process fluids, while cooling or condensing vapor.



Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface Panels in frozen food display cases
Balanced flow of refrigerants through Tranter Prime Surface Panels produces appealing, even frost on displayed frozen goods.



Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers in brewery CIP heating
Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers heat caustic CIP solutions in a UK brewery in a compact footprint with low maintenance and outstanding uptime.



Tranter PLATECOIL Prime Surface refrigeration banks for coffee bean dehydration
Tranter Prime Surface refrigeration banks used inside a water vapor condensation/de-icing vessel used in coffee bean dehydration.