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Tranter multi-duty shell & plate heat exchanger
This innovative, multi-duty Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger has replaced a welded block-type unit as an ammonia stripper vent condenser.

Tranter welded plate heat exchanger brochure
The Tranter line of welded plate heat exchangers offers extreme performance for extreme conditions. Download the brochure.pdf

Our Technologies


The future of heat transfer technology rests largely with welded plate heat exchangers. Developments in thermal modeling, flow modeling, materials science and robotic welding have combined to accelerate the acceptance of these exchangers in a rapidly expanding list of retrofit and specified new duties.

Among the most exciting of new welded technologies are shell & plate units in a variety of sizes and configurations. Advanced engineering and quality construction make these units able to withstand thermal cycling and shock, pressure excursions and difficult flows without compromise. At the same time, they are reducing fuel consumption and lengthening maintenance cycles over longer life cycles than conventional heat exchangers can provide.

Equal duty shell & tube and shell & plate size comparison 

When shown alongside an equivalent thermal duty shell & tube exchanger, the Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger demonstrates the true meaning of compact heat transfer.