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Manufacturing control for quality
Manufacturing under tight control ensures long unit service life cycles.

Global & Local Supply

Quality Processes

Tranter is a certified holder of the ASME U-stamp and is a member of HTRI, HEI, ARI and ASHRAE. Tranter is ISO certified, adhering to the highest standards in designing, manufacturing and testing plate heat exchangers.

Each heat exchanger solution is computer designed and analyzed by technical specialists who generate a complete proposal providing optimum designs and alternatives. Quotations are prepared on a timely basis with all technical information required for evaluation. Experienced, skilled workers manufacture components and assemble units using advanced technology and fabrication techniques.

After assembly, each Tranter heat exchanger is hydrostatically tested at the required test pressures. A number of additional tests, including process simulation and fatigue tests, can be performed to guarantee a unit meets strict operational requirements.

Refurbished plate pack 

Precision and repeatability are the results of Tranter manufacturing controls.