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Tranter India R&D lab
Tranter’s R&D lab in India, here shown measuring the pressure drop of a new plate style.

Tranter heat exchanger product line brochure

Tranter Heat Exchanger Product Line Brochure. Download the .pdf

Our Technologies

Compact PHEs

From the very beginning when PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers first challenged pipecoil immersion heaters, efficiency with a smaller footprint has been Tranter’s design goal. With newly developed welded plate heat exchangers, Tranter has now drastically stepped up its challenge to the shell & tube heat exchanger. In the modern world of tight capital, materials and energy resources, Tranter technology is conserving all three. In addition, careful attention to fluid dynamics has paid off in lower maintenance burdens for our customers through fouling-resistant turbulent flow. Tranter has expanded its portfolio of solutions to address the most difficult of heat transfer duties.

Tranter compact plate heat exchangers

Whether you are operating shell & tube, pipecoil, brazed aluminum plate-fin or block-type welded exchangers...there is a Tranter compact heat exchanger with the potential to improve your operations, reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs.