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Tranter robotic plate pack welder
Tranter investments in automated welding technology on three continents provide outstanding weld quality and consistency, while producing impressively short lead times.

Tranter Midwest Service Center field service truck
Tranter Authorized Service Centers offer Multi-Brand™ Parts & Service on an in-plant or in-shop basis.

Global & Local Supply


The new century has seen a significant expansion in Tranter’s manufacturing capacity globally, establishing ISO-certified local manufacturing in all regions of the world. Our guiding vision is to manufacture close to our customers and thereby reduce lead times and transportation costs, in efficient response to customer needs. In all, manufacturing floor space has grown significantly by addition and expansion during the century’s first decade.

Manufacturing of heat exchanger plates is the core of our operations. In all locations, Tranter can manufacture plates out of virtually any mild or high alloy that can be worked. Throughout our global manufacturing base Tranter has added six automated and two manual hydraulic presses since the turn of the century, for a total of 12 plate presses globally. This provides flexibility and expanded capacity to supply our global customer base.

Also added has been advanced welding and metal finishing technology; available welding processes include SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, sub-arc and fully automated robotic PAW. Tranter is presently the only global supplier able to manufacture shell & plate thermal element subassemblies in North America, Europe and Asia.


Tranter-owned and -operated Service Centers ​are established in the US (4), Canada, Brazil (2), UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden, India, China and UAE. Licensed and authorized Service Centers conforming to Tranter standards are available in several other countries. Tranter’s policy is to establish Service Centers in easy reach of all concentrations of Tranter customers. Offering Multi-Brand™ Parts & Service, Tranter centers safely clean and regasket all brands of gasketed plate heat exchangers, returning them to peak efficiency. Parts and cleaning are also available for Tranter Welded Plate Heat Exchangers.

Entire unit refurbishment including frame repair, complete plate pack service, reassembly and closing the unit to precise factory specifications is also available. All replacement gaskets are OEM quality. Tranter has field service crews available to assist in plate heat exchanger maintenance and offer operational assistance. All work is backed by written warranties covering materials and workmanship.

Tranter worldwide locations 

Tranter’s manufacturing and service support is strategically placed worldwide.