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Tranter bank-in-tank heat recovery case history

Tranter PLATECOIL bank-in-tank heat recovery units recovery otherwise wasted heat energy from spent process water to preheat fresh process water. Download the .pdf.

Environmental Sustainability

Heat Recovery Opportunities

Tranter can show you how to harness the thermal energy in waste streams to preheat makeup water, while reducing thermal load to the effluent plant. Among our many proven strategies:

  • Interchangers, or cross exchangers, can exchange heat between two process flows, saving energy from the steam plant for other duties.

  • In power systems, seasonal reductions in cooling load from ambient sources can result in incomplete condensing and backpressure that can derate steam turbine generator output. Tranter exchangers added to the condensing loop can add to the cooling load, while harnessing the released heat to preheat feedwater. 

  • Tranter Spiral Heat Exchangers can extract heat from the dirtiest of hot waste streams with an attractively short return on capital.

Tranter bank-in-tank detail 

Tranter PLATECOIL banks in tanks recover waste heat from spent wash water.