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Plate heat exchanger pressure drop article
Tranter Heat Exchangers offer optimized heat transfer and pressure drop. Download the .pdf.

Environmental Sustainability

Energy Efficiency

In the modern world of tight capital, materials and energy resources, Tranter technology is conserving all three. For example, some of our recent plate patterns bring new meaning to optimized heat transfer and pressure drop. They are not only more thermally efficient, but they also reduce pumping costs, further conserving energy. In addition, our plate designers applied special care determining and using shear stress values to minimize fouling tendencies. Reduced fouling preserves exchanger thermal efficiency and minimizes maintenance burdens and facility downtime.

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The close approach of our plate heat exchangers configured with tall plates enables maximum heat recovery, especially from low-grade flows, so critical for improving energy efficiency. The low hold-up volume and high heat transfer coefficients of our exchangers make them fast responding for tight control. In the HVAC world, this means less overshooting of set points, “hunting,” comfort complaints and fuel consumption. In the process world, it means better quality control, less off-spec production to recycle (and burden effluent systems) and, of course, attractive fuel savings.

Tranter heat exchanger product range 

Tranter's compact heat exchangers will improve your operations, reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs.